[PLUG] soundcard issue in linux

shyam jai shyamz_03 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 09:51:09 IST 2006

I have connected my "Creative inspire soundblaster 5.1 24bit sound card" on my linux box, and i have redhat enterprise linux 4.1 running on that. its not producing the sound. its not configured.
  can u please help me in solving this issue.
  my machine is a dual boot with windows 2000 and linux.
  i have dissabled the onboard sound card from BIOS, since i have a creative soundcard fixed on my box, in windows its configured and works fine. i can hear clear good sound from my creative 5.1 speakers.
  but my linux is not able to configure the card or produce the sound.
  please look into this issue. and guide me in this.
  Thanks & Regards
  Shyamjai Kunimal

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