[PLUG] Companies working in linux in Pune !

Rohan Dighe linuxdominatrix at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 20:45:30 IST 2006

Hey, now !!!

wait a second there......

> First of all....
> a "TOP POST" from "webmaster at plug" VERY VERY BAD....
First thing,
People make mistakes !!

There is no need to make issue out of it !!!

> Second of all even though the mail was addressed to the specific
> person the info was of genreal use to everyone and i would rather
> enourage posting to the mailing list than offlist.
> Infact i make a practise not to entertain offlist mails unless i have
> requested them specifically (e.g. me asking a resume from a person in
> my prev. mail in this thread, a very specific mail and no use to the
> list).

that mail was sent to PLUG by ME and according to the sender he
unusually might have addressed it to me... i hope there is no problem
in that

see i had started this thread

i got the answer
and anyone who is reading the thread might get a clue of what's going onnn !!1

we are not discussing any MATTERS over here !!

I am generating a wiki for COMPANIES WORKING OF LINUX in PUNE and this
is helpful to the LINUX COMMUNITY in PUNE
so i don't get it !!!

If someone is willing to help you are blaming the person straight away !!

now this is rude !!!

Anyone tell me,
There are so many PLUG people reading this....

How many of them have not commited a single error in MAILING ?

this is really not fare

It's just a simple addressing convention and really i don't think any
serious action should be really taken......

> And for last point good to have an active Mailing List admin again.
Nice JOB !!!

> PS: even your mail was very specific and should have been addressed to
> the person directly, although its good that we got to see it to flame
> you.
> Chao,
> --


Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to
your grandmother.
 -- Albert Einstein

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