[PLUG] Re: Iqara Broadband

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 10:40:15 IST 2006

First of all thank you all for responding.

> So please ask or check out type connection they
> are going to provide..it depends on it.

They provide Cable Modem (Motorola Surfboard HB5200, I think)
The outout of Cable modem connects to your LAN card.

> i can give you a list of people to call in BSNL - dont give up hope
> because they kick ass.

But that may not be helpful if it is Technology limitation. ADSL does have
distance limit.
BSNL folks informed me that they are going to open/start new exchange in my
area in next three months (june/July)
I don't want to depend on their word anymore. Plus they didn't say which
year :)
So for now, I don't want to wait anymore and try other options.
Iqara seemed to be most popular in my area.

> I want to know if I can send it out on the mailing list - it might be
> helpful to many people!

Will they really co-operate unless they know you personally/professionally ?
irrespective of that, it might be helpful anyway.

>However, as Kaustubh mentioned, the technical support is extremely

I guess it goes without saying that in case I'm not able to get it working
myself, I'll ask help from PLUG.
That might be my best bait anyway.


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