[PLUG] problem inserting modules

vijay jadhav vijay.contact at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 15:11:37 IST 2006

Look In Linux source Code:
Funtion alloc_pages() in this file gets call when U give call to Memory
allocate funtions[Like funtions vmalloc(),..etc or U can also call This
funtion directly for low level page allocation)

Go in funtion _alloc_pages() [which is called by alloc_pages()]
line 845

         if (!(gfp_mask & __GFP_NOWARN) && printk_ratelimit()) {
                 printk(KERN_WARNING "%s: page allocation failure."
                         " order:%d, mode:0x%x\n",
                         p->comm, order, gfp_mask);
         return NULL;

This Code gets called when U r not able to allocate pages(Memory) and
_alloc_pages() fails.
So U r getting error message

 >   insmod: page allocation failure. order:5, mode:0xd0

U R trying to allocate Continues Pages of size 128KB(2^5 x 4096) [bcoz order
is 5.]
But not able to allocate that memory .

>    Is there any clue? I have some 650 KB free before inserting the module
>and after that some 1.5 MB free memory space, and still I am not able to
>insert the module.
> Why it's so? Any help will be highly appreciated.
>      ~Abu.

May be Continues 128kb not available.
Can we know How U R allocating memory ?(If U want U can Mail Code/Part of
Code offlist to me. There may be problem while calling memory allocation
function and its FLAGS)

Also try putting Ur Query on varoius Linux Kernel -MAILING LIST,IRC,Groups.

Vijay Jadhav.

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