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neeta mishra mishraneeta1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 14:59:29 IST 2006


The European-Union funded FLOSSWorld project aims to enhance the level of
awareness related to FLOSS among various sectors like industry, academia,
government, etc. As a part of this project, we plan to conduct a series of
surveys related to FLOSS, to understand the impact and usage of FLOSS among
developers, employers, government officials and educational institutions
India.Please refer to www.flossworld.org for more details about the

We are in the process of collecting contacts in order to circulate the
questionnaires. We have collected a number of contact addresses from the
internet and from references obtained from our regional workshop
participants.Give your experience in FOSS related activities.We seek your
in reaching out to as many as people as possible.Could you please mail back
contacts you know of among the developer, e-government, academia and
community, to whom, you think, we can send the survey questionnaires. Also,
us know if you would like to partiicpate in the survey.

Thanks and Regards,
FLOSSWorld team, C-DAC Mumbai

 mailto:aparna at cdacmumbai.in
         neeta at cdacmumbai.in
         mishraneeta1 at gmail.com <http://%20mishraneeta1@gmail.com/>
        neeta_mish at yahoo.com            <http://%20neeta_mish@yahoo.com/>

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