[PLUG] [OT] Dataone SmartAX MT 841`Configuration

Vikas Garud Vikas at techqual.com
Fri Apr 28 06:58:46 IST 2006

I was using dataone connectin on desktop computer, with type 1(ethernet)
modem since Feb 05.  Recently, I got a Toshiba Satelltie R-10 laptop, with
wireless connectivity.  Dataone was working fine on laptop with ethernet
connection (Dual boot, SuseLinux 10 and Win XP, tablet PC edition).  So, I
got Type IV modem from bsnl for wireless connectivity.  (I received it
I confirmed that the internet connection was working on eth0 and then tried
to configure the wireless connectivity.  I used the manual (PDF files on the
CD which I received with the modem) and various replies to questions on
broadband forums link.  As you can guess, I was unable to get the wireless
connection working, worst, the ethernet connectivity is also messed up and
not working anymore.  As far as I remember, I rolled back all settings I had
changed (which were not many) to their original state, but that hasn't helped.
Now, I am using internet on dialup access (windows XP, I could not configure
the internal modem on Linux) which after more that a year on broadband is pain!
My request to the members:  Could somebody send the information about
settings I need to check (and the values for these settings) or point me to
link(s) which will provide me with this information - applicable for dataone
broadband connection?  If somebody can help me in setting up the connection
at my place that would be wonderful (I live near Paud Phata).
Though, I have been using computers for quite long time, I am basically a
user (Mainly Office applications, emails and browsing and games) - a newbie
when it comes to networking and wouldn't understand too much technical details.
Vikas Garud

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