[PLUG] CSLUG Meeting

Anand Nene anandn at gmx.net
Wed Aug 16 01:10:36 IST 2006

[08/14/2006 02:22 PM IST] Amit Karpe wrote:
>> Minutes of meeting is very much essential coz it's like i wanna get
> Take a look at "Minites of Meetings"
> http://cslug.pbwiki.com/
> http://cslug.pbwiki.com/12-08-06
> http://cslug.pbwiki.com/Minutes%20of%20CSLUG%20Meeting

You should consider some standard format when you pen down
the meeting minutes...?


He did well - I'd normally have my eyes closed, I think, if I was
coming down there at 180 miles an hour backwards.

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