[PLUG] Some prob with FC4

Pushparajan V vprajan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 13:44:16 IST 2006

On 8/18/06, Urvish Acharya <urvish_acharya at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> 1>I am not able to AUTO MOUNT my harddisks. I m making
> some changes in "\etc\fstab" which i used to do
> earlier with FC1/FC2 and it used to work properly.But
> in FC4 whatever command i m giving in "fstab",shows an
> error..i've tried by HDD type as "vfat"/"fat32" none
> of them seems to be working..
> plz help me out as i want to get rid out mounting my
> hard disks every time i boot my machine.

The format must be like this,
<partition device name>   <directory to view tht paritition contents>
<partition type>  <mount options> <minor number> <major number>

For example, give like this, here /dev/hda5 is the windows partition.
/dev/hda5               /mnt/windows                   vfat
defaults        0 0
NOTE: /mnt/windows directory must exist

2>Can anyone tell me how to run JAVA programs in
> LINUX?i mean i am not aware of where exactly /jdk/bin
> is present..from where to compile and run the
> programs?

In FC4, Java comes during install itself. but dont use that becoz its older
versioned and not present in locations that you want. so, download java from
sun website for linux and install it in a directory that you want.
in my system, i download Jdk1.5 with netbeans and installed under

thx & regds..
> urvish
> Thanks:
Rajan VP
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