[PLUG] Still facing problem with FC4

Urvish Acharya urvish_acharya at yahoo.co.in
Wed Aug 23 11:47:18 IST 2006

Thx Mr.Rajan VP for your prompt reply...
the solution which you sent, i've already tried
that...infact i used to do the same when i was using 
FC1 and FC2...But in FC4 i am facing this
problem..i've crated directory of all the partitions
in /mnt.

the solution given by you  was:-
"/dev/hda5               /mnt/windows                 
defaults        0 0"

i am giving commands in this manner...

/dev/hda5               /mnt/c                   vfat
defaults        0 0

/dev/hda7               /mnt/d                   vfat
defaults        0 0

/dev/hda8               /mnt/e                   vfat
defaults        0 0

but still it is not getting done...

kindly help.

thx & regds


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