[PLUG] Suggestions for Wireless router

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 18:04:02 IST 2006

I think I (finally) have working broadband connection at my home. (Yet to
reach home, to see it working)
But Iqara allows to install the Dialer to work from only one PC. Seems like
MAC address of PC is tied to Cable modem, somehow.
I can change the PC but then first one will not connect anymore. (They
update some Database @ call center, it seems)

So my plan is to connect Cable modem to Wireless router, and then connect
both PC as well as laptop to the router.
They've verbally agreed that they support this configuration.

I'm looking for suggestions regarding which Wireless Router I should
purchase ? (Cost/upside/downside)
I want enough signal strength such that I can access the conneciton from
other room (w/o line of site)
I wish to setup secure connection, such that my neighbours should not 'ride'
on to my connection.
Mine is Cable Modem, so ADSL Wireless router that BSNL provides is not an

If you have similar working setup, then please share your experience as


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