[PLUG] AmaroK does not play in SUSE 10

"Prachand Kaal (^ýL¯S Gëg)" prachand.kaal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 22:25:15 IST 2006

Rohan Dighe wrote:
> hello everyone
> i tried to search for a file called  (w3codecs-all) everywhere
> but i could not get one for suse10 (AmaroK)
> please if someone has that file send it over
> i tried searching a few pages like
> desktoplinux.com/articles/AT2703022234.html
> but here also no result
> i tried putting mirrors and all but all in VAIN
> so please anyone has a link or the file i would be glad to have it
> thank You
> Rohan Dighe (LDOM)
> PS:- some good MIRRORS are also welcome
> --
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Assuming you are talking about window codecs, its not part of amarok 
Its used by media handling engine like xine and mplayer to decode 
assocaited streams.
If Amarok is configured to use xine as its backend then it would use it.
You can obtain that codec packs from
If you're interested in RPM packs then try repo like

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