[PLUG] Peculiar problem with Xmms in Fedora-2

romel dutta romel.dutta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 10:00:50 IST 2006

hello all,
I have got a peculiar problem.
Usually i work in gnome,and there only i listen to songs and movies in xmms
and mplayer.
Oneday,i went to kde and tried playing songs in xmms there in kde..,but to
my horror,it showed
device not detected ,and souncard busy.Then again i came back to Gnome,and
playing xmms,and to my surprise no sound was coming..!!!! ,but the song is
seen to be played.in the xmms player..,ditto with mplayer too....But,in
other OS,i.e Windows i face no problem.
But since most of the times i work in Linux(Fedora 2),i prefer working and
listening to songs in linux only..
But,after this problem,my life has become hell,and i dunno what to do..
Can,anyone suggest me what may the problem..???
I have checked volume control,it was not in mute..,and if sound-card not
ready,then how come in the player song vl play..??
Plzz,help me...

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