[PLUG] extended desktop

Amit Karpe amitkarpe at vsnl.net
Tue May 2 12:22:31 IST 2006

Hi ,
	My friend have some problem with "extended desktop" .

	I have a laptop with 915g express chipset. I have enbled dual head using 
system-config-display   Dual head is woking but second secreen is clone of 
first. even after enbaling xinerama and disabling clone it is still showing 
clone on sencond monitor. I have changed the resolution of second 
screen(800x600) by editing xorg.conf.  But it still showing exact clone of 
first moniter (1024x768).
I have fresh intalled fc5.

param vaibhavam netum etat swaraashtram
  samrthaa bhavatwaashishaa tebhrusham

           || Bharat Maata Ki Jay ||

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