[PLUG] Minutes of meeting : Freedom Toaster

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Tue May 9 18:58:29 IST 2006

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Devendra Laulkar wrote:
> This is the estimated cost of *each* toaster.  

I think we should first try it with one unit. If it becomes successful then we can start more such

> As discussed in the meeting, the main tasks is to find sponsors, convince and 
> get commitment from establishments to put up the toaster at their locations 
> and maintainence
> For maintainence, 2 persons will be required per toaster. Things to do here 
> including adding/updating content.

I don't know about sponsorship. But I think pluggies can volunteer for free maintenance work.
Count me in for any maintenance of any deployment in 1 KM radius of Ghole Road (except on weekends).
I am sure it will be whole new experience for me.

> Here is one scenario that could be possible : Instead of connecting it to the 
> Internet, you can connect it to local intranet (MAN) of providers like Sify/ 
> Iqara etc. This can help in remote administration of the toaster.

I don't think net connection is needed.
Most of the distros follow six monthly or yearly release cycle.
So once a distro iso lands in freedom toaster it won't need update for six months at least.
Obviously distro update can be managed by PLUG.

1) We decide to deliver security updates.
2) We decide to deliver beta releases and /or non-Free audio/video codecs and any other apps like
Skype etc. (not very feasible in my opinion)

Finally, i want to suggest few locations in area nearby my home.
FC College, British Library, Crossword at JM Road.
In my opinion FC college is best suited for this purpose since it is at central location and close
to the monthly meeting venue.

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