[PLUG] SATA Disk support

Santosh Dawara sdawara at gmail.com
Fri May 12 17:43:52 IST 2006

 > Any suggestions ?

Try Suse Linux 10.1, I have it running with my own SATA disks.

Desi Penguin wrote:
> I have Dell GX620 in my office. It has 80GB SATA disk.
> Neither Knoppix 4.02 LiveCD, nor Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight 7 livecd can
> detect this disk.
> I ran "fdisk -l", it just returns to prompt without any output or error.
> Based on suggestion from one of the forums, I checked that Ubuntu Device
> Manager can see/recognise the disk controller, but thats about it. No 
> disk.
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks,
> -DP

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