[PLUG] Messaging solution

Shridhar Daithankar ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Tue May 16 17:37:07 IST 2006

On Tuesday 16 May 2006 14:16, Raghavendra Bhat wrote:
> IMHO, erc is the best irc client.  It is a set of lisp routines to be
> called from within emacs, have put in one which makes a ding sound
> when a new message gets directed at you.  No need to ever leave your
> editor to chat. ;)

What exactly is this emacs thing that I keep hearing about? I once heard that 
it is an os. Some other person said it is a shell and yet another said that 
it is a desktop environment..

 I always deselected it from slackware installation because I don't know what 
the heck that is exactly.  :)

I hope there are takers for invitation..


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