[PLUG] [OT] FSF India gets 80G status

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Wed May 17 10:31:19 IST 2006

> >> Can anyone explain how can we claim the tax exemption?
> >> What proofs need to be submitted?
> In your Income Tax return, show the amount donated and to whom.
> Against that say "80G claim" and iff the assessing officer asks
> for proof of payment, show the receipt got from FSF-India for
> your Donation.  He will, if needed, make an independent search
> for the 80G status of FSF-India via online access.  Payment to
> FSF-India can be done via the ICICI online payment facility.

The receipt that you get from FSF-India should have the 80G exemption status
listed with registration number etc. This is what assessing tax officer
would cross check against.
Some of the charitable org have 50% tax exemption, some have 100% tax
Generally this is listed at the bottom of the receipt.

Hope this helps.


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