[PLUG] [OT] Need pointers/help regarding old hardware.

Atul Sowani sowani at gmail.com
Wed May 17 16:05:27 IST 2006


This is slightly off-topic post.

I have an old 386 which used to run slackware. I wanted to re-install
slackware on it, but somehow I am not able to re-install it. Hence I
am trying installing DSL (Damn Small Linux) on it.

The DSL seems to require Math co-processor. So, I am looking for
pointers/contacts for acquiring a working condition 80387 chip.

I called up/met a few computer hardware vendors listed in ToI, Indian
Express and Sakal classifieds, but they just promised me to call back
and so far I have got nothing.

If you know any friend/contact/shop who can sell/trade/gift me 80387,
please contact me offlist. My email address is sowani<AT>gmail<dot>com

BTW, I am also looking for an memory upgrade for my old machine (by
cannibalizing the memory of other old 386 boards).


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