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Mon May 22 12:50:52 IST 2006

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In a conversation on #ubuntu-in at irc.freenode.net someone from Chennai mentioned that they are in
planning phase for their implementation of Freedom Toaster. They were interested in collaborating
with PLUG.

Following is the mail I received from one of them.

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Hi Onkar,

Aanjhan told me that Pune LUG is also in the process of building a Freedom Toaster. Myself,Aanjhan
and few other friends have also decided the same.We decided to go with a low cost x86 based
architecture and stumbled upon this AMD Embedded Solution's
http://www.amd.com/us-en/ConnectivitySolutions/ProductInformation/0,,50_2330_9863_13022,00.html and
the corresponding development board associated with it,

I inquired about this AMD product with ArrowAsia AMD Distributors (Bangalore) and surprisingly, the
person who i inquired is also a Linux enthusiast and without any hesitation, he told he will join us
in this project.

The LXDB800 board with the LX Processor has all components in it.The main idea is,

Get a low end x86 based processor, run Linux with light weight desktop environment (Xfce). Have the
Linux compiled with proper optimization techniques. So, most probably we will be ending up by
compiling everything from source for the processor we select. Then, customize Xfce to meet our
requirements (which should be quite easy). We can use a 10" inch LCD display for our Toaster.We have
a HardDisk where the softwares get stored. Remote administration will be enabled to this
FreedomToaster for adding upgrade

This machine, will later serve as Thin Clients (LTSP). We could place the Freedom Toasters in
Reliance Web World or Sify iWays where we can utilize their network for Server/Client architecture
too. Initially we would build a stand alone machine.

We are now looking for sponsors, but before that ,we would be very happy to join your Freedom
Toaster team and do a collaborative work to bring in a very good machine. Mr.Harish of ArrowAsia ,
Bangalore, told us that he would get sponsors direct from AMD itself and he needs a Freedom Toaster
Specification and Proposal documentation for this. I got the same response from many of my friends
in the industry.Being said this, now the major task has become to prepare a Proposal/Spec for our

I would be very happy to work along with Pune LUG in building this machine.

Thank You.

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Novatium Solutions Limited,Chennai.

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May be we can hold a discuss about this sometime on irc.

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