[PLUG] Need to Watch the other screen

Pratham ( प्रथम ) pratham.vishnu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:56:08 IST 2006

Hi all,

            Hi all let me put my question in proper way.
Say for example , There are two clients (client1 & client2) connected to  a
server ( server0 ) and both have got there own Graphical display.
My Question is : Is it possible to have a common display for both of the
clients simutaneously ? How ?
Another one , Is it possible to for client2  to view what client1 is doing
passively (I mean client2 can only view what client1 is doing ) ? How?

Are the above two things possible for a telnet session also ?

Please .. please give me the detailed explanation of how it is to be done
and also send  me the links of the resources from where I can extract the
information ..

I always connect to the server0 by doing export DISPLAY ..  through  client1
but then if I  have to sit on Client2 and then get the display over there
the I have to logout from client1 and then connect to server0 from client2
using export DISPLAY again and starting all the GUI APPLICATIONS again.
Please help me on this.

I hope my question is clear & all of you will understand it !!!  Waiting for
the sweet Reply ;-)

(First Language must abide by the Understanding and then Understanding must
abide by the Language)
Prathamesh Suryavanshi.
(  प्रथमेश सुर्यवन्शि   )

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