[PLUG] dd command for removable drive

Rohan Dighe linuxdominatrix at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 09:03:50 IST 2006

> BTW, wondering why is Rohan using sda1 when dd requires only
> device name in the output without any mount.

Well usually when i mount my USB drives in linux i usually use sda1 to
refer to the pen drive and so i used sda1 there !

Well, actually what will happen if the USB drive is mounted ?
does DD give any warnings regarding that?

I wanna find out the reason why it cleared all partition tables!
What it did was, it wrote a new image about 5 MB on the harddisk that
i have and then there was no chance of doing (dmesg) because the whole
system had already gone down !

Well, if anyone could find out the reason behind this!

Thank You,
Rohan Dighe
Fedora Ambassador India.

PS:- If anyone wants to see a demo of what exactly happened i can do
it again. i have done the same thing with different USB drives and
still it is the same. I could recover all the logical partitions with
the recovery software. Primary partitions cannot be recovered.

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