[PLUG] Re: Suse Issues

( अमेय पाळंदे ) Ameya Palande 2ameya at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 03:39:53 IST 2006

> From: "Vikrant Birajdar" <vikrant.vb at gmail.com>
> Subject: [PLUG] Suse Issues
> To: plug-mail at plug.org.in
> I am having a system with Sata HDD, and 512 RAM, and its a 64 bit system
> I m trying to install Suse 10 on it, It is getting installed properly
> but after that when it reboots and try to go on GUI it "stucks"
> Now when I try to install fedora 5 on it, it shows unsual screen, but
> its working properly in text mode. but again not working in GUI mode
> Cud anybody pls tel me whats the reason, and which OS should I use to
> overcome this problem,
> Thanks,
> Vikrant


I think there is a problem with detecting your graphics card.
I assume that suse is getting installed properly means it is using
framebuffer device
for graphics. Try following in suse,

When bootloader starts give following option to kernel command line,
(if there is already a vga option with different value then replace it
with following)

Also try to boot in runlevel 2 / 3 not 5.

Login as root and execute following command,


if above command doesn't work then try "yast x11"

and check whether yast detects your graphics card correctly ?

Hope this helps....

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