[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Launched

pradeep pk at bioenabletech.com
Sat Oct 28 17:51:42 IST 2006


ChipSilicon based in Pune, India has launched new GPS Vehicle Tracking &
Fleet Management service called
www.gpsintegrated.com , The complete system is based on multi server
architecture including Linux Fedora 3 server
Running Apache & Zope and Windows server running IIS & .NET. 
GPS Integrated provides Real Time Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management
Services. The complete software has been designed and developed in-house
and services are supported by our trained R&D and Support teams. For
Maps an integration has been done with GOOgle Maps and Google Earth
using various libraries and APIs provided by Google in Linux

GPS Integrated is based on Satellite imagery from Google Earth and maps
from Google maps. You can track your vehicle in near real time (max. 5
mins delay) on your desktop using Google Earth and in web browser using
Google maps.

A device installed in your vehicle acquire GPS signals from GPS
satellites and calculates its position on the earth. This position data
is sent to the gpsintegrated.com server using GPRS connection made by a
integrated GSM modem using idea cellular or airtel SIM card. This
process is repeated every minute. In case GPRS connectivity is not
available temporarily , the device will record the position in its
memory and send it later when connectivity is established. Also in case
the GPRS connectivity is not available for longer duration, it can send
the position data by SMS to the server. In this way the position data of
the vehicle is continuously recorded by our server gpsintegrated.com.

Every customer is provided with web based login account to access the
data on the gpsintegrated.com server. You can track one or more vehicles
using single account. On login our dashboard page displays important
information about the vehicle like its status, max speed, motion hours,
Distance covered, stationery hours. It provide you a Live Tracking link
for Google Earth or Google Maps. In case you have installed free
software from google called Google Earth on your computer, then just
click on the Google Earth Live Tracking Link in your account and you can
see the complete track of your vehicle for today along with fantastic
Google earth satellite imagery. 

Google Earth Satellite Imagery for most cities (like top 20 cities) in
India is available with very good resolution and you can see roads and
buildings clearly and identify them. New feature offered by google
called Google community inside Google Earth allow you to see placemarks
and names of various buildings, roads and key places in the city.

In case you are on move or do not have access to your computer with
google earth, you can still see the same imagery and additional maps
using our browser based Google maps system. 

Along with Google earth and Google maps, we have provided various
reports for vehicle owners like Start-stop report which gives
information about when the vehice started, where it stopped, for how
long and approx distance covered on a particular day. Day Begin-End
report give more details about the vehicle from early moorning to late
night. Datailed activity report gives detailed information about
movements of the vehicle in a day. Other reports like Speed report,
Fleet Summary report are also available. We also give customers access
to detailed transaction history of the vehicle which can be exported to
pdf or excel files for their further analysis.

Customers can also use Google Earth to create list of placemarks in the
city like office, store, suppliers and customer locations where the
vehicle normally travels. If these locations are marked in Google earth
and placemarks provided to our system, then in reports you can see, when
did your vehicle reached these locations and how much time they were
parked at these locations. 

Overall we have developead a system that is useful for individuals,
corporates and travel transport companies as well as Fleet owners.
Individuals can use it to track usage of their car by other family
members, driver and friends. They can also ensure security of the
vehicles and recover and track them in case its stolen. We offer special
manned services to track your stolen vehicles. Corporates can use our
system to monitor and manage company owned vehicles, avoid misuse,
increase their availability at right places at right time. Travel
transport companies and Truck fleet owners can manage their fleet of
vehicles to give optimum output, avoid misuse, take quick actions in
case of emmergency and more. Our System can be used in any country where
GPS cellular services are available.

Our System has been designed to be cost effective and service oriented. 

GPSintegrated.com system has been launched in september 2006 as Beta
release and Final release will be launched in october 2006. If you are
interested in GPS vehicle Tracking systems please visit
www.gpsintegrated.com and learn more.

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