[PLUG]Re: Re: Does FC5 not have drivers for SATA disks?

Amitabh Jain ajain101 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 12:38:22 IST 2006

Hi Raseel,

On 5 Sep 2006 04:21:43 -0000, Raseel Bhagat <raseelbhagat at rediffmail.com>
> Can you tell me which MoBos come with the Linux CDs ?

Did you check the site of the motherboard manufacturer? It is possible they
may have the drivers there.

Some boards that include the Linux drivers on the CD are:
ASUS - K8V-VM series (I have the K8M890 Ultra)

Intel board does not come with the Linux drivers on the CD, but they have
them on the site for some distros. For example, Intel Desktop Board D101GGC.

- Amitabh

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