[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] Nagios Setup consultant

Tarun Dua tarundua at tarundua.net
Fri Sep 8 22:38:43 IST 2006

Task: Setup Nagios to work as a monitoring console with all the necessary 
services visible on two large monitors.

Handover and Documentation: To allow bringing it back from the scratch without 
any help by the regular staff a fresh base install of CentOS 4.3. Step by 
step process for provisioning of additional service monitors.

Other Requirements: It would be nice if the consultant has experience working 
with VMWare Server and setup the whole thing inside a VM.

Process: We would like to interview the consultant so we can utilize services 
and support in the future too after we approve of the consultant's skills.

Compensation: Pre-determined but success based

References: If you have a Nagios installation that you already done in Pune it 
would be nice to know about it.

PS: Please mail me back at lists at tarundua dot net with your latest resume
in HTML/Plaintext/RTF formats

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