[PLUG] [OT] Dual booting Linux with Net/Free/OpenBSD

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:03:06 IST 2006

> I've tried PCBSD. By default has KDE as GUI. when i installed it, it
> took the entire hard disk, now i don't remember whether i deliberately
> did that or by mistake it took the entire hard disk. you'll have to
> experiment.

I installed 5.4 this weekend. Pretty fast install. I put it on the
first 6.5G of a 40G hard drive and it fit in with a lot of space to
spare. It uses this rather different terminology on disk names ...
viz. slices and partitions with labels like a (for /), b (for swap),
d(for /var), e(for /tmp) and f (for /usr). You can change these
defaults but best to stick to a convention.

> Free BSD didn't have any GUI by default i think as i tried to install
> that before, you'll have to try it out to know.

You have to configure X on FreeBSD 5.4 manually ... using something
like "Xorg -configure" or "xorgconfigure" or "XFree85 -configure"
depending on whether you use Xorg package or XFree86 ports collection.
I am using Xorg and I have run into a spot of bother with the X

This being an OT, I won't lengthen this discussion, nor demand any
more help (but any generous FreeBSD-ian is more than welcome to lend a
helping hand, I am desperate). The details of my woes can be found



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