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susedevel susedevel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 15:22:05 IST 2006


On Tuesday 12 September 2006 00:14, Nikhil kale wrote:
> Hello All,
> I recently taken TATA indicom broad band connection and want to
> the connection with SUSE 10.1 as well as redhat linux 9.0
disributions. I
> have two systems with SUSE 10.1  and  Redhat linux 9.0 distributions..
> Please tell me how configure this...

let me share my experience on this one. i've a TATA Indicom broadband
which i've configured on suse 10.0 & ubuntu as well. my laptop has only
suse 10.0 as it's operating system :) & i'm proud to admit that. 

now if you've a monthly unlimited connection of either 128kbps or 256
kbps then what u've with the connection is a router & not a modem. now
TATA mostly provides connection in this way:
* they'll lay cables directly to your place & then they'll attach a
router to it & then through lan cable u can just plug it to your
computer & use it.

now if you have the same configuration then what you need to do is goto
yast >> network card >> configure the ip, dns, gateway as per your
static configuration which you can find out by typing on
your browser.

contact me if you are still not able to figure out. i would like to
help. come online on chat & i'll let you how to configure that. seems to
be a long mail..... to me....  :)

yahooid: aruntomar2001 (chat)

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