[PLUG] Best Linux for Desktop Users

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 20:33:10 IST 2006

> any distro as long as it works for you !!
> finally the theme should be...... i USE LINUX

... provided you have fun doing it and see something meaningful in
what you are doing with Linux. We can see lots of wannabe Linux users
who go gaga over Linux, some even without having seen or felt a
running Linux box. There is nothing wrong with that ... but sooner or
later all these people also need to feel from inside the real worth of

So if someone's theme instead is __i use windows__ that's nothing to
be snubbed - it's better than being a wannabe Linux users but never
getting to fall in love with Linux. It's like courting a lady who's
acknowledged by everybody to be very beautiful and cherished by
everyone. But then the one who has a relationship with her fails to
see the beauty she is known for and does not enjoy it. I feel, that's
sad in the context of Linux.

So may be asking why people like Linux and what they use it for is a
very good point to start - even when you know your own reasons. It
sometimes gives very unique perspectives.

Sorry for the long monologue. Brickbats please.

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