[PLUG] Best Linux for Desktop Users

susedevel susedevel at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 21:00:32 IST 2006

> I am using FC4 for my desktop. I want to stop using my windows at
> home.
> I am getting confused as there are many distributions for desktop,
> like
> Fedora, Ubantu, Gento, Mandriva, Slakeware.
it's a personal choice after all. every distro is good in their own way,
it depends how you use it & which one solves your problem best. to
decide that you have two choices either read the different reviews &
decide or go out try other distros & then finalize. 
> Can any one tell me which is the best desktop distro where I can watch
> TV
> using internal TV tuner card and play multimedia applications and
> games.
> I am using FC 4 right now.
> Regards,
> Shashikant 
some of the pointers to remember are: 
* some distros support everything out of the box, i mean even mp3 etc.
like mandriva, linspire, knoppix etc, for the rest of the others you'll
need to download the drivers from the net.
* some are heavy distros & some are light. so depending of choice of
machine & processing capacity choose the distro.
* some may require you to download other tools & development requirement
or other software from the net while some provide it out of the box.
* some people like it to work with debian based system , while some like
the rpm based distro.
* some distro provide kde & some gnome, it's again a choice.
* some work on cutting edge technology & while some distro boast of
their rock solid stability.

too many choices :) 


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