[PLUG] Best Linux for Desktop Users

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Wed Sep 13 09:58:49 IST 2006

There's some site, which has a poll of which distro suites you.
I forgot the site name. You can google.

PCLinuxOS or Linspire or Ubuntu + Easybuntu (whatever that tools name) etc will take care of your multimedia requirement.
I dont know abt the TV tuner.

My personal advice would be to completely lock down win2k you if are using it - ie use non admin login for daily needs, use ntfs with restricted privileges etc. Many of your current frustration (i guess) with viruses etc will go.
Of course you also need to use a better applications like firefox browser (rather than IE) etc.


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Hi All,

I am using FC4 for my desktop. I want to stop using my windows at home.

I am getting confused as there are many distributions for desktop, like
Fedora, Ubantu, Gento, Mandriva, Slakeware.

Can any one tell me which is the best desktop distro where I can watch TV
using internal TV tuner card and play multimedia applications and games.

I am using FC 4 right now.


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