[OT] Language, tone and approach in posts from {Re: [PLUG] DSL modem}

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 19:04:05 IST 2006

> Did I say I had problem ? I am glad you agree that  making statement about all
> the ISPs in India w/o checking facts about even the ISP in discussion was
> bold. I got no problem with that :)
> My concern is that when someone makes such statement (with such a
> confiedence) on wildly popular mailing list like this one, LOT of people
> (LOT != ALL) take this as FACT (ignoring the AFAIK part of the statement)
> This is how misinformation spreads.
> -DP

Your concern is misplaced.

1. There was no confidence in that statement. It was as good as a
question. "Does Tata Indicom give you a static IP?" - not "Tata
Indicom does not give you a static IP".
"As far as I know, no ISP in India gives you a static IP". - Clearly
that statement admits that this is my knowledge, unless you choose to
ignore "As far as I know" ... I don't know why someone would do that
unless he is dyslexic.

2. It is a very good idea to bring up wrong notions in a "wildly"
popular forum like this (I am not sure what kind of "wild" popularity
is being spoken about). Those wrong notions get corrected. The OP
clarified my wrong notion and you corroborated it with the link (which
was essentially the valuable part of your post).

Finally **I** have a concern:

1. When the participants (you are possibly a veteran) of this forum
start ignoring the basic etiquettes, what happens to the forum:


Please read Point 18 under the sub-section "Posting to the List" in
the section "Mailing List Etiquette". Except when using abbreviations,
you should not capitalize ... like you have with the words - lot, all
and fact - none of which are abbreviations. You surely know,
capitalization is the electronic way of shouting at people.

I could have highlighted Point 15 - and really this is a point that
many should read and understand - but that's less objective.

-- Arindam

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