[PLUG] chroot on FC2 / RHEL failing

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 16:35:25 IST 2006

I am trying to setup boot server which will allow remote boots by PCs
with BIOSes and network cards which support booting from the LAN (most
do these days).

I am stuck with a rather small detail. I am creating an NFS server
share where I am creating a minimal installation of FC2 which can be
used by the remotely booted system as basic storage. To do this I need
to use the chroot command and this does not seem to work on either FC2
or RedHat Linux.

What I have done is this:
1. Copied a hello_world executable to /pub/rbootshare which is meant
to be the root directory for the remote-booted server.
2. I am trying the following command:

    # chroot /pub/rbootshare /hello_world

I understand that this should fail because when /pub/rbootshare is set
as root, resolving the basic glibc shared libraries fails (because the
glibc.so.* etc are not under /pub/rbootshare). But the error message I
am getting says:

/hello_world: No such file or directory. This makes no sense because I
have copied hello_world to /pub/rbootshare and used chroot to set this
as root.

On FreeBSD, it gives a meaningful message indicating that loading
necessary libraries has failed. But I need it on Linux ... not


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