[PLUG] BE Projects in Minix3

( अमेय पाळंदे ) Ameya Palande 2ameya at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 00:41:10 IST 2006


I have seen lot of mails from TE / BE (Comp / IT) students about
getting a good BE project from Companies or for subjects.

There is lot of work to be done in Minix3.

Here is the web site,

One can think of porting device drivers, applications, file systems
to minix3.

For those who are not familiar with Minix, here is some info about it,
Micro Kernel,
Device Drivers runs as user space process,
Kernel code < 4000 Lines.

Originally developed by  Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum for Explaining
how a Operating System works.


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