[PLUG] PLUG meeting April 2007 Saturday 7th April,4 pm @ SICSR

Pramukh Pracharak - Grahak Raja Jaga Ho manoj at grahakraja.org
Sat Apr 7 23:29:19 IST 2007

Hello All

I attended the PLUG meeting first time for discussing the Open Office in
I appreciate that PLUG is doing good work for pramoting Open Source Software
and SVS is pramoting the Open Source Softwares in Schools.
But I also felt that nobody cares for the money Government spents on
purchasing the Closed Source Software.

We are indian citizens, and as a citizen we are paying income tax. And I
believe that all the PLUGGIES must be in 30% Slab of income tax. It means we
are paying 30% of our hard earned money to government. Then why cant we ask
for the details of money spent on Licensed Softwares?

And hence 'Grahak Raja Jaga Ho' will be implementing its action Plan for
forcing Government Organisations to use Open Office. We will be applying for
information under RTI about funds spent on purchasing of Licensed Softwares.
Monday 9th April, our Pracharak's will be giving demo of Open Office as well
as applying for information to following Government Organisations, Pune
Muncipal Corporation, Pimpri Chinchwad Muncipal Corporation, Collector
Office, Zilla Parishad, Dy. Director Technical Editucation, Pune Police.

And then after compling the proper report we will be filing PIL. We pledge
PLUG/SVS Support for the same.
Let me also clear that we will be implementing out action plan with or
without PLUG/SVS support.

Thanks with Regards

Sanjota Ovhal
Gen. Secretory,
"Grahak Raja Jaga Ho"
URL : http://www.grahakraja.org
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> Hi,
> PLUG meeting for April 2007 is scheduled on "Saturday 7th April,
> 2007,  4 pm @ SICSR.
> These are the details:
> Location: SICSR, Atur Centre, Model Colony.
> Room No 704. 7th floor ( room no. may change )
> Time 4 pm
> Agenda:
> We can discuss about the recent thread on the mailinglist about Open
> Office in Government.
> Any other topic.
> You can suggest topic/speakers for the meeting.
> We will be accepting formal membership at the meeting.
> CDs will be available at the meeting. Updated list of CDs is available
> on the PLUG website.
> Kindly make yourself available for the meeting.
> Regards,
> -Sudhanwa Jogalekar
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