[PLUG] Tata Indicom Broadband on Linux

Pradeep Dalvi projectnerve at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 18:48:58 IST 2007

> I guess now you can understand why I have a netmask of for
> the interface.

Is that authorized ip/netmask provided by Tata Indicom?
I doubt, since that means Tata Indicom (Formerly VSNL) has registered entire
121/8 static ipv4 address range under IANA/APNIC.

To the best of my knowledge, which is not true.

FYI, VSNL has registered only under IANA/APNIC in 121/8
i.e. address range starting from 121.240.xxx.yyy - 121.247.xxx.yyy.
So your XYZ should be in between 240 to 247.

Then I can think of two possiblities,
1. Info provided above is not correct.
2. That is _not_ true STATIC ip address.

So your query remains, how does it work under Windows?
Clarify above doubt and try once with the correct settings.

And then only we can proceed to check further if forcedeth driver has some

For the gateway...  well I have no particular reason of
> putting it there .. I was just experimenting to see what works.

What kind of experiment was that?
Then did you try _not_ giving netmask in default gateway?
This would help, provided that the above ip/netmask setting is authorized.
And which you need to take care on your own. :-P

Just got curious, what else did you try while experimenting with it?
Man, you really need to work on netmask thing.


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