[PLUG] Booting Problem in Mepis

Vikas Garud vikas at techqual.com
Wed Apr 18 10:33:03 IST 2007

I have duel boot (Win 98 and Mepis Linus 6.0) on my desktop.  Recently I 
bought HP Photosmart 3100 MFD.  The printer functionality was installed under 
Linux without any problem.  However, the scanner functionality was not and 
the instructions on various websites were too complicated for me.  Then I saw 
mail on Monday, 16th April from "ॐ" <guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com> about HP PSC 
1315 MFD and I realised that I could possibly enable scanner by installing 
libsane-hpaio.  The search for this file led me to automatic installer for 
such devices on this link:  
The script ran without any error message that I noticed.  However, it did not 
function - Kooka and Xsane reported "No scanner found".  May be, rebooting 
could recognise the scanner ...
However, while rebooting the login screen appears, on selecting user and 
entering password, the password gets accepted (no incorrect password 
message), but the screen returns back to login state and no user can log in.  
However, root login is possible.
What should I do?  Should I refer to logs under var/log?  Which?  And what 
specific should I look for? What could be my options afterwords? (I am still 
a newbie.)
Vikas Garud

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