[PLUG] Booting Problem in Mepis

Vikas Garud vikas at techqual.com
Wed Apr 18 15:35:10 IST 2007

Please see in-line

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 11:04, ॐ wrote:
> I do not exactly know where to start looking for problems.   Till I
> can make better suggestion than this,  /var/log/messages would be a
> good place to start to fix your login problems.

I looked into /var/log/messages.  But couldn't find anything that looked like 
something related to the problem on hand.  Similaly, kernel.log. syslog, etc. 
also did not indicate anything missing.  Then again, I am not so sure that I 
would know what line would indicate that something is missing.  kdm.log 
indicated that session is opened for user vikas (or any other user) and on 
the next line that session is closed for user vikas.  No indication why or 

> The smallest thing that you could have done was to *just* install
> libsane-hpaio rpm.

Mepis is Ubuntu and hence Debian based.  RPM install is not the default 
installation method.  Though, RPM's can be installed on these systems, if 
apt-get option is available, it is preferred.  It gets into the database of 
installed applications without any hitch.  And the script that I found out is 
meant for debian based systems.  According to the description on the 
sourceforge site, this script would identify missing dependencies and install 
them, and then install libsane-hpaio, etc.  And indeed, there were few 
missing dependencies whcih were installed before libsane-hplio was installed.  
Unfortunately, I did not note down the packages/files which were installed.

> I just checked that minimum version of HPLIP that you need for 3100 MFD is
> 1.6.6 My guess is you tried to install bleeding edge hplip drivers
> (something like 1.7.3 or similar)

Possibly.  I was not looking for any specific version.  I searched for this 
file, with Mepis and the description on sourceforge site indicated that this 
version has fixed lots of bugs.

> I am sure there is a way to get this scanner to work using hplip.  But
> first you might want to bring your system back to it's previous
> state...

Yes.  Fortunately, I still have root access.  So all is not lost.  but the 
process is going to be slow.

> I am not on Mepis...  How latest is Mepis 6?

Mepis is fairly latest, based on Ubuntu 6.06  I'm writing about distribution 
selection in reply to your other mail.

Vikas Garud

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