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> > Part II
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> > Of course, both Vista and Linux are distributed
> under licenses, but there is
> > a major difference between their terms.  Vista
> EULAs very minutely specify
> > what you can do with it, while the GNU/Linux
> licenses, predominantly GPL,
> > only disallow redistribution of the 'work' or its
> 'derivatives' under a
> > different license, thereby ensuring that what has
> once been 'freed' stays
> > 'Free'.  It is a matter of copyright, and not
> ownership.
> >
> > Consider it this way: you require a license to
> drive your car.  If you break
> > traffic rules wantonly, your license can be
> revoked, and you would no longer
> > be allowed to drive your car.  Software licenses
> also intend to do the same
> > thing.
> >
> "Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
> - Bob Young

I see a remarkable lack of intellegence in some
members of this group.

Cars are owned by the people.
S/ws are licensed, not owned - irrespective of OSS or
Ans to ? - No I will not use such a car. And I use OSS
where ever possible.

But, again coming back to the link, the points raised
by fsf are false. People dont own vista - neither do
people own OO or FF etc.

fsf should argue that vista is closed source while OSS
give much more freedom to do many things with OSS than
vista or MS office.

But doing an "aaj tak" kinda sensational headline
grabbing will not help fsf/oss in long run.

1. Vista has the capacity to stop code execution...
blah blah blah.
Examples will be helpful. Not just theory.
Even I can say for all practical purposes ubuntu I use
will stop me from running abc s/w, and I cant do
anything abt it. Again - understand the context. "for
all practical purpose" and "I - I can be exchanged
with any non s/w or IT person; perhaps IT guys too and
even the pluggies".
For all practical purposes, when any pluggie finds an
issue/crash etc, how many times have you actually
changed the code? That distro is as good as CSS for
you, right?

Nways, I dont want to deviate much.
End result is that examples to back claims are better
than the "SCOish" claims.

2. You dont own vista is what the fsf says.
Well, I also dont own ubuntu tht I am using neither do
I own FF with which I am replying.

People. Stick to what I am trying to say and
understand the context. Cars and other examples are
moot here.


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