[PLUG] Backup

श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Mon Apr 30 08:24:51 IST 2007

On Monday 30 April 2007 00:42, Shodhan Bhave wrote:
> is there any software/utility similar to Norton Ghost by means of which
> I can backup the complete system?

What is a system? What OS installed or what I maintain? What about additional 
partitions, users, network storage etc? I think you could have specified it 
in a better manner but anyways, I will attempt at the most basic level.

tar is what is frequently used. and then there is dd too..

GUI front ends front ends too. In konqueror, I can right click on  folder/file 
and manage the archives completely from there. So as far as backing up system 
goes, backing up /etc and /home as root should be sufficient.



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