[PLUG] Modify console resolution

Nawaz Patel nawaz.patel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 11:45:12 PDT 2007


> > The problem is doing all this everytime I boot, I had previously tried
> > 'vga=799' and other codes, but they don't work.
> > Can this process be automated, I wonder what the code '0123' means here.

here is what I found
         Just use vga=ask for the first time,
   **  enter `scan' on the video mode prompt, pick the mode you want to use,
   **  remember its mode ID (the four-digit hexadecimal number) and then
   **  set the vga parameter to this number (converted to decimal first).
and vga=291 looks cool on my screen.

Read Documentation/svga.txt for more information.

Thanks 2 all,

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