[PLUG] [OT] wondering aloud about a project !dea {based on Firefox}

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 13:19:55 IST 2007

Werd would not (i think) do what I want to be done.

I want to input directly using Unicode devanagari font some text (say)
in marathi, sanskrit or Hindi and transliterate (not translate) it
into Kannada or telugu or Malyalam or Tamil for that matter...

So a Bengaali (no.. I am not saying any gaali [hindi] :-) friend might
be able to read what I write in Hindi or Kannada, if I send it to him
in transliterated form and supposing he understand the words in his

I only hope I am correctly conveying what I want to achieve.

Generally speaking I want to achieve what Gyani Zailsingh did (let's
say for time being) he deleivered speech in English with knowing a
word of it.  His whole english speech text was wrritten in Panjabi or
gurumukhi (i don't know which one) script that he could read out well.

mhaNun haa sagaLaa prapancha! [ म्हणून हा सगळा प्रपंच ]

Only difference is that instead of english speech one may be
interested in delivering speech in Oriya Language (just to explain yet
again what I mean)..

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