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Fri Aug 3 16:35:33 IST 2007

--- Aditya Godbole wrote:

> Secondly (this may be OT here), I never understand
> why computer
> science students need 'sponsorship' or endorsement
> from companies. It
> another matter if you look for guides. In that
> sense, its a good thing
> that Vipin is asking for help on a forum like this.

(Whoa! - dragging the OT a little more) - Company
endorsement is /probably/ a sort-of valid stamp
certifying  that  the project is worth undertaking.
During my BSc days, few professors among my faculty
emphasized on having a "Industry" (called "Live"
project) and few insisted that the project has some
worth, irrespective of whether it is from some "XYZ"
company's project or your own project. 

As mentioned in an earlier, post, the OP should
consider solving a _real_ problem. 

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