[PLUG] zte mc315 pcmcia card

Ashutosh Chauhan ashutosh.chauhan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 22:13:30 IST 2007

> I'm assuming that this is Data Card which supports speeds up to 153kbps.

When it connects (in windows), it pops a message saying "Internet is now
connected at 230 kbps" ;) big claims!! i usually can download the stuff at
15 kbps, which also i think is decent for a wireless connection.

On a related topic, I was wondering whether USB Modem option that Reliance
> provides, works with Linux. See
> http://www.rcom.co.in/Communications/Netconnect/netconnect_usageoptions.html
> I'm planning to buy one, so if USB Modem works with Linux, then that is
> what
> I will purchase, instead of PCMCIA, which seems to be tough to get
> working.
> Any feedback with USB Modem working with Linux is appreciated.

I dont have a much idea about USB, but they seems to be a better choice
atleast due to two reasons.
a) Its cheaper then PCMCIA.
b) Many hardware vendor gonna discontinue to provide pcmcia card slot in

Only disadvantage with usb is it is external, while pcmcia fits snugly in

If you are planning to buy, avoid reliance. My personal opinion. People at
customer care there have trouble in even pronouncing "linux". If even then
you are buying avoid ZTE in all cases. Go for huwaei.


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