[PLUG] Booting problem after new installation

Vikas Garud Vikas at techqual.com
Sun Aug 12 23:29:24 IST 2007


I have 80 GB HDD on laptop with Windows XP and SuSE Linix 10.2 installed.  A
12 GB partition is free.  I installed Sabayon linux on the free partition. 
During installation, I added SuSE linux entry with its root partition (I
have made / and /home partitions on the HDD).  Post installation, Sabayon
Linux is booting fine.  However, I get Error 13: Invalid or unsupported
executable format.  I can not log in to the SuSE linux which has a lot of
user data.

I had installed SuSE 10.2 from internet and have the installation CD.  I can
boot from the installation CD and log into the rescue mode.  But I don't
know what to do next.  Can anybody point me to a solution?

I am searching on the net, but not sure what exactly I should search and it
could take long time.  Hence this request.

Thanks and regards
Vikas Garud

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