[PLUG] Mandriva 2008 upgrade adventure...?

ಓಂ guru.is.on.vi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 16:11:05 IST 2007

Thought of upgrading to Mandriva 2008 on laptop (Inspiron 1501) from
Mandriva 2007.0
things were quite fine till almost 80-90 % of upgrade was over..

Then suddenly a silent (not blank) screen and no harddisk activity for
almost 15 minutes.

So after failed Ctrl-Alt-Del, I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Backspace only to
find it was trying install something and failing...

With heavy heart (with some fear) removed the DVD and rebooted.  It
recovered the journal etc. and booted system as 2007.0 but with new

Only happiness is that I am seeing lot of beautiful things and changes
while running old kernel...

Maybe a clean install will work better.  But thought of writting this
just to know if there are similar experiences...

Since kernel is not upgraded old HSFmodem driver works which is a
solace till I can check network connection works alright....

and hoping things will works at-least as they are now... till clean

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