[PLUG] Mandriva 2008 upgrade adventure...?

Chetan Kumar chetanku at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 17:50:57 IST 2007

Good to see this report.
Last evening I I tried moving to 2007.1 free edition from my 2007.0 pp
+ a few 2007.1 rpms installed on TP60p.
My story
1. The full-text screen does not stay for a long enough time to repond
2. You are taken to the "GUI" from where opting for "text" did not
yield any response for a long time. II did wait long enough (Guru
mentions waiting for 15 minutes for some response at some stage of
3. I did not get an option to select individual packages. I prefer this approach
4. In the meantime I manually removed all 2007.1 packages in the hope
of getting a "pure" system which resulted in further loss. In my
enthusiasm I got rid of vital things like glibc (haven't got back to
upgrading since making these foolish mistakes)
It is back to RH9 on another machine for some things and XP on the laptop.
I got 2008 DVD from the meeting last evening and did not try it as I
wanted to be clear on what to expect. As it is preferable for me to
stay with 2007.1 I will wait for some time and take some measured
steps towards 2008.
Good luck to all who are upgrading.

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