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Sun Dec 9 01:17:04 IST 2007

On Dec 8, 2007 4:25 PM, Devendra Laulkar <devendra at laulkar.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Comments inline.
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> > Please note that this flyer is to be distributed to the general public
> > > which may or may not have any background in using computers.
> > Since readers can be without much background in computers, i think, we
> can
> > do away with the commands. My experience is -  people are scared of
> typing
> > commands. Linux can be presented as another, if not better 'Windows'.
> > Anyways, most distros default to runlevel 5, and many users never get
> to(and
> > wish to) see the console.
> Still a few commands won't be too much of info I think. Might help
> especially when one asks for help on some forums, and the help given is
> in form of "Open Terminal", and run this command.

Ok. Preferably, with one simple example for each command.

> Maybe, we can put up(in the stall) a couple of
> > screenshots of the free applications mentioned in the flyer. That should
> > (hopefully) gather some attention.
> Thats not necessary. We actually have 2 computers @ the expo which are
> fully loaded with all the stuff required :) so we can do a real live
> demo, and we even ask people to use the software themselves.


> <snip>
> > Also, is it feasible to print on both sides ? We'll have twice as much
> > space. Just a thought...
> >
> Umm, I was thinking of printing the same thing in Marathi on the other
> side of the page. Comments, suggestions, contributions welcome :)

Using the local language is a good idea, but the matter(as of now) is full
of nouns, and there is very text little apart from those. So, i'm not sure
whether we have much scope for translation. If it works out, then well and


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