[PLUG] Xara Extreme

Linux Lingam linuxlingam at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 12:15:35 IST 2007

[manas typed:]

>I like it. It would be great if someone who does graphics for a living /
>knows about such stuff made a comment. It can greatly aid conversations.


hi manas,

i installed xara xtreme 8 to 10 months ago on my ubuntu and played with it.
also wrote to their developers about something and got a disappointing
response after a delay of perhaps one month or more.

tried importing and exporting some vector fileformats through xara but
it could not handle it properly.
soon, my initial excitement and enthusiasm for xtreme rapidly faded.
i even forgot i had installed it until i saw your email.

in contrast, inkscape has become a very mature graphic design
software, in some ways exceeding even professional proprietary tools.
the learning curve is small, the community is highly-response, and the
buzz is very high. whether you are a designer, a user, a developer, or
even a documentation-specialist, you can easily get involved with this
project. the openclipart.org project is related with this.

have successfully pulled off some professional assignments using
inkscape, in the most demanding needs.
hope this helps.

niyam bhushan

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