[PLUG] [ANN] Invitation for an eclipse user group meet in Pune.

Sriram Narayanan sriramnrn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 15:36:51 IST 2007

Hello Folks:

We at Thoughtworks are hosting two more events. One of which is the
Geeknight session, and the other being the gathering of the Eclipse
Developers in Pune.

We're planning to have more talks and sessions on that day - there are
some sessions already mentioned, with others sessions likely to be
added soon.

All registrations are welcome.

Feel free to ask questions about this event at either the Pune Eclipse
Developers' mailing list, or by sending mails directly to Ketan (CC'd)
or to me.

-- Sriram

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From: Ketan Padegaonkar <ketanpadegaonkar at gmail.com>
Date: Dec 6, 2007 7:56 PM
Subject: [eclipse-pune-dev] [ANN] Invitation for an eclipse user group
meet in Pune.
To: eclipse-pune-dev at googlegroups.com

Hello everyone,

There's an eclipse user group meet planned on Sat, 22nd of Dec. Everyone
who plans to attend/speak are requested to sign up

Do feel free to propose any ideas for talks -- even if you do not want
to talk about something, someone else may volunteer to   :)

Do throw any ideas that you may have around this on this thread.

Ketan Padegaonkar
I blog... therefore I am... http://ketan.padegaonkar.name/

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