[PLUG] Boot problem

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 18:40:43 IST 2007

> Hi Ranjit,
>                  Did you find any specific pattern in things working/not
> working ? for eg. FC7 boots well after you reboot from SUSE, but doesn't
> work when you reboot from Windows.
> Or is it truely random ?

No pattern. Now only XP boots consistently after I got rid of a lot of Virii.
A total of 9 trojans and worms to be precise.
Now even Suse10.3 won't boot.
FC7 boots sometimes and sometimes can go even till the desktop is
loading and suddenly nothing
the monitor light goes yellow as no video feed.

Could this be hardware related ?
> Could be. Does the amount of time you run the system before rebooting
> change
> the results ? RAMs and HDDs can have overheating problems. They can work
> flawlessly for even half an hour, before starting to exhibit wierd
> problems.

I tested RAM with Memtest86 till Pass 2.
I tested my HDD with seatools from seagate but not in detail, just a std test.

Should I reinstall say FC8 instead of FC7 ?
> IMHO, if resources permit, you should try to get to the root of the prob.
> If
> the disk is nearing its end, writing a few more GBs can lessen chances of
> successful retrieval of whatever data you have on it.

I will wait naturilich. Everything is bonkers recently, my car
battery, my pc :-((

Can Suse have caused it ?
> Don't know :-/
> BTW, do you mount all your partitions at boot ('auto' in fstab) from FC7 &
> SUSE ?


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